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1924 Clutch adjustment rod and assembly

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Need information for a 1924 Buick 6; Not sure what year this factory pic is from, or if it's from a smaller Model, the set up with the wing nut is different than mine and the bottom of the clutch pedal where it attaches is different, but the picture was sent to me by another Buick enthusiast. Does anyone have a parts book for 1924 that list the correct size washer that goes on either side of this spring for the clutch pedal? Does the set up for 1924 even use washer as shown in the 1st photo? Also Instead of a wing nut at the end of the threaded rod I have a long hex nut that screws on the end of the rod on the other side of the bottom clutch pedal bracket. Also does anyone recognize the special rounded washer Im holding? or show it in a parts book? If so where does it go in this assembly process? Or is it even part of this assembly? I have no exploded assembly view of this Rod and Spring assembly and want to make sure its installed correctly with all the right components. My original was removed by a past owner and misplaced so I've had to try and find all the correct parts to put it all back together again.






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Yes, the illustration you have is for the Standard.

 Here is the set up for the 1924-1925 Big 6 car. These illustrations are from the 1925 Reference Book. (owners Manual). It notes "Zerk" grease fittings. The 1924 used "Alemite" style fittings.


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Wow. That is just what I needed to see. Thanks very much. Does anyone know what this part was for or where it went? Is there a chance it went at the end of the spring on the clutch pedal like a washer would? Maybe the spring was up against the rounded part and the flat side went up against the clutch pedal? Just guessing here?


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