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WTB 1953 gauges RM


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Time to start on the dash I would like to find gauges  that are in better condition than mine are.  The top was down or rotted sun and water damage on the gauges.  The key switch is also in tough shape the ears show marks from plyers a better core would help in these areas. One question on the key has anyone had any success removing the chrome from the tumbler for plating?  The speaker cover has tabs that you can remove they have lighter air vent & lights on them anyone have these that are in great shape?  I would also like to find the chrome that goes around the ashtray and radio opening; mine are pitted and will likely take more work than a better example. A good hinge with the spring will be a big help also.  I will add a few pictures of my seasoned parts. . I do have a good clock I need the rest of the gauges. 

Send me a PM if you have parts that will fit my project. 53 RM and Super should be the same.




key switch front.jpg

key switch back.jpg

speaker grill right.jpg

speedo 109.jpg

temp fuel 53.jpg

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