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I'm putting in my windows and discovered I'm missing a few small parts.  This is for my 1932 Dodge Brothers DL sedan, but I assume these were used on many other cars.  Not sure what these are called, but they are the little rollers that prevent the window glass from rattling.  I have one and need three more.  They were apparently only used on the front window glass, one outside, one inside just below the window opening.  I also assume they had a rubber roller over the steel shaft - mine is long gone.  If anyone has any extras or knows of a source, let me know.


Here is what they look like.





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The Airflow Club of America has "anti-rattle" window snubbers in their club store at $2.00 each. I'm not sure if they have the same bracket as you show here but I do remember them on a car I had. Here's the contact information:

Airflow Club of America

c/o Dennis Pitchford, Treasurer

14947 Leigh Avenue

San Jose CA 95124-4524

(408) 559 7977

Give Dennis a call - he may be able to help you.





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