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buick HEI into 3.5L V8 in Range Rover


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I am tryng to figure out what exact year an HEI buick distributor will fit into a 3.5L V8 that came stock in my 84 Range Rover. I believe it needs to be 1974.5-1976 5.7L (350ci) buick -(A-1 part# 30-1896)- b/c the 1977 is too long and has the flange too high up. Does it need to have small diam. housing to clear the intake? does the drive gear need changing? I've heard there's a direct drop-in dist. that works. PLEASE - any info would be GREAT!!

ps - most parts stores dont have in stock the 1974.5-1976 so I can't just go compare them...



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