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Headlight Bulb for 1927 BUICK


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14 hours ago, JFranklin said:

My manual shows your car headlight was originally MAZDA 1110 shared by many makes of cars.


The Mazda 1110 is a dual filament bayonet base bulb rated at 6 to 8 volts and 21 candlepower for both filaments. Many (most?) people replaced those years ago with Mazda 1000 bulbs which is for the same voltage and is the same physical shape but puts out 32 CP.


There are quartz-halogen replacements for that (I have some 25 watt quartz-halogen bulbs I got years ago from Classic and Vintage Bulbs in Australia in my car). There are now some LED replacement lamp units which have a lot of light for little power draw but my attempts at using them have left me feeling they need improvement (poor focus, flickering, etc.).


In any case, getting a compatible set of lamps for something that came from the factory with Mazda 1110 bulbs should be quite easy though you may have more luck in your searches if you look for a #1000 bulb rather than a #1110 bulb.

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Hi 1927 Buick,


Have you found your headlamp bulbs yet? 


I have 3 of the GE 'Mazda' 1110 bulbs (6-8 volt 21-21 CP) and 2 of the 'Peace' 1000 bulbs (6-8 volt 32-32 CP).   $25.00 for all plus $4.50 USPS First Class Package shipping.


Vic    Nevadavic  BCA 307





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