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Period images to relieve some of the stress

Walt G

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25 minutes ago, John_Mereness said:

Very attractive !  Do we know the body builder - it is pretty thin in the door posts/pillars and I would lean toward Murphy, but the belt molding strikes me as something otherwise. 


I would agree but the beltline doesn't quite match at the cowl, or the door handles.


COACHBUILD.COM - Murphy Packard 343 Convertible Sedan

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My point was that in a regular offering of a car 1935 or earlier there is not much room inside a 4 door sedan (or other body style)  for much of anything  - not that they could not be comfortable to drive.  If your car is a luxury car ( Cadillac, P-A, Franklin etc) there will be more room due to a longer wheelbase ( as Ed mentions it is all in the wheelbase) . Notice how narrow the front seat area is - two people and not two larger people can be comfortable. I spent many hours behind the wheel of a 1931-1932 Franklin Airman with a  132 in wheelbase. no issue. As mentioned if it is a 4 cylinder Plymouth ( which I also owned for many years) even with the seat in the farthest position back from the steering wheel it is tight for someone 6 ft tall and long in leg, same for Chevys .

The whole point was about trunks at the rear and styling.

Side mounted spares look great if they have a cloth cover or painted metal covers that harmonize with the body color. A tire is a sphere, it is a bulls eye, and will stop your eye at that location even for an instant and interrupt the flow  while looking at the car. By the mid 1930s metal discs were accessories to fit to the wire wheel to also keep the visual flow going. Pierce Arrow made the Silver Arrow show cars with a spare tire hidden under the front fender - why? Aerodynamic styling with little room in the trunk for a spare tire.  Many brass era cars have a side mounted spare , some look great, some look like a set of 1960s hula hoops tied to the car. This is not a criticism, just an observation 🥺 .  For 45+ years I owned an earl;y 1930s car with a rear mounted spare, I now own an early 1930s car with side mounts as well as a 1940 car with the spare in the trunk.

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