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Period images to relieve some of the stress

Walt G

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The new 1922 Ogren kind of resembled a Kissel and/or a Daniels.  The Ogren Motor Car Company was located at 602-698 National Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

22 Ogren Clymer Scrapbook Nr4 p169 02-02.JPG

22 Ogren Clymer Scrapbook Nr4 p169 01-02.JPG

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In 1923 The Tarkington Motor Car Company, Rockford, Illinois advertised their product.  The advertising speaks about a "car" but the only photo shows a rolling chassis.  Although the ad does not explain, perhaps the customer would order a custom built body.

23 Tarkington Clymer Scrapbook Nr4 p168.JPG

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Someone reminded me just now that today marks two months since I stated this thread about period Images. WOW time goes by fast, especailly when you are having fun. THANK YOU  to all of you who have contributed images to this thread , most of you staying within the topic too! The comments are so enlightening as to the information and observations as well - a history lesson for us all. To me this proves the on going interest in pre war vehicles, plus how much all of us come together to support each other during these stressful times. I had no idea that when I stated it , so many of you could find it something to make you feel good - Keep it up my friends.

Special thanks to John, Al, Bob, Ed who have spent so many hours devoted to sharing the images. I have not really contributed that many images myself. You guys are the best - that goes for all of you who are viewing this. Stay well my friends we are a community, a true family of old car people that seem to have found a new path to bond together. AACA, you are the best for being so gracious to give us a place to look at these 'images of the era'

Walt Gosden

BodyType((11)   COUPE 1926 Packard model   2nd series020.jpg

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