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Period images to relieve some of the stress

Walt G

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On 4/27/2020 at 6:28 PM, edinmass said:

I would have taken the Pierce... ALWAYS go for the money!


And one last note, the 20 Grand or Arlington was top of the line for Duesenberg, But you could order a PII out of the catalog for 28,000 and change.


I'd take the Pierce - the Duesenburg door handle sagged even back then!

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On 4/29/2020 at 8:20 PM, edinmass said:

Model T bodies were not made by Ford  There were several suppliers of the same body style, as no one company could produce what was required. There were small differences between them. Some of the companies have been identified, many others have not.


Here is the body tag that do not normally survive on my original Canadian 1912 T touring. Ed is correct that Ford did not build all of their bodies for the Model Ts and they also came to the Ford factory upholstered with the touring top. My '12's body was painted and trimmed by the American Autotrimming Co. who got the body from a third supplier coach builder that was generally all next door to the Ford plant. American Autotrimming trimmed and painted the majority of Ford Model T bodies produced by third-party coach builders such as Fisher, O.J. Beaudette, or C.R. Wilson during the teens and early twenties for Ford. Other companies that also trimmed Model T bodies include Briggs Mfg. and Kelsey Auto Body. American Autotrimming Co.  also painted and trimmed body's for Saxon and Studebaker. Another division of ATC was the Wayne Body Co. that built body's for Paige-Detroit (Jewett), Wills St. Claire, and Peerless.


As Ed states above the reason you can not buy an trim kit for model T's from 12 back because of the differences in the body build. 


1912 t 005.JPG

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Joe, thanks for taking the time to show us the tag on your model T. THIS IS ANOTHER REASON THESE FORUMS ARE SO IMPORTANT . You are getting a visual history lesson, seeing the facts, knowing first hand what was actually done. Keep in mind it is all because of the efforts of AACA, another reason to be a member. Where else are you going to find this?


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