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Period images to relieve some of the stress

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Just when I think this thread can't get any better, it does! I wish I could give more than being a cheering section but I am definitely cheering loudly! Many thanks to all of you who have material to submit. 

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4 hours ago, nzcarnerd said:

A couple of photos from Europe. Car identities not yet determined.



20s Mark Christoffersen.jpg

20s mark Christoffersen 2.jpg

Both cars are techincally Fiats, albeit the latter correctly is a 1936 NSU-Fiat 1000 with body by Drautz. Berlin licence number on that car. 

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14 hours ago, 4Hud said:

How to pack your car for a big tour.

Old Bobs' June '15.jpg

Packin up for Hershey - EARLY.  Come on everyone I can have hopeful thoughts on a dreary day . Thinking of decades of happy times and seeing great friends is something we all need.

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