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Period images to relieve some of the stress

Walt G

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On 3/12/2021 at 12:38 PM, Walt G said:

Totally correct on that comment and points you made. I had all of this explained to me by Austin Clark early on - over 50 years ago. Note the hand pump is on the passenger side of the seats. This was so the "riding mechanic" would perform that task while going down the road because the driver was to busy, steering, shifting and controlling the spark and throttle. I had the job of using /working that pump to pressurize the gas tank to send fuel to the carburetor on Austin's type 35 Mercer many times on trips we used that car for . We took his car out to lunch but of course had to get it "warmed up " not just get in and drive a mile or more and then shut it off.  Usually a 3 to 5 mile exercise before settling down for some good food and refreshments.

You are a lucky man to have known Austin Clark first hand. Many thanks again for starting my favorite AACA Forum thread!

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