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Period images to relieve some of the stress

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The photo a few above here, of the early (1908ish?) touring car with four men in it (two wearing bowler hats) is taken in front of the Plymouth Rock monument in Massachusetts. This is the monument built about 1870, and apparently later torn down to be replaced about 1920 by a new "Pilgrims" monument for the 300th anniversary of the landing of the Mayflower. I tried to google information about this monument awhile back because of other photos (shown about ten to twenty pages further back?) in this thread. I found a very few real photo post card (RPPCs in the collector world) images posted in many places, as well as a few photographs identifying the monument, but very little about the monument itself, including no confirmed year of construction or dedication. I did finally find an article about the building of the new monument and the filling in of some bay waters and new roads to accommodate it. It was a beautiful monument. I really wish they had preserved it.

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An interesting story posted today on a facebook page - The Jazz Age Vehicle Archive - .


I reckon the car will turn up as a 'what is it' sometime and people will be confused.


From Mary Ellen Marcy


"My grandfather, Stanley Dean Miller "Pop", built this touring car. He took a 1911 Cadillac chassis and converted it from RH to LH drive. He built the body from sheet metal and the roof from wood with stretched canvas. It was yellow. When the depression hit it was too expensive to buy tires for it, so it went to the scrapyard. What a shame. We consider this the foundation of our love of the car hobby. Truly a custom car.


He was a perfectionist and it runs in the family. He was also multi-talented. Cabinet maker, Machinist, Diesel Engineer, worked for Pan American on the China Clipper, worked for Barker Bros. in the commercial kitchen department and had something to do with installing a new kitchen in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu, HI. It's because of him that I have such a love of history."



Stanley Dean Miller gf of Mary Ellen Marcy.jpg

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Wow Ed M! A bunch of wonderful photographs! Several fantastic electric cars, and a bunch of eye-candy for Kevin and the Cole crowd!

I will need to zoom in on a few of those pictures later when I have some time. 

Thank you for posting such great photographs.

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I knew I recognized the emblem (brass cutouts) on the radiators in a number of the photos above. I thought I knew what it was, but wanted to zoom in and make sure I remembered correctly. Several of the cars above are Corbin automobiles. I would wonder if a bunch of these photographs came from a common source? I am fairly certain the touring car pictured next to the Plymouth Rock monument is also a Corbin.


I went to my Kimes and Clark book to make certain I was spelling "Corbin" correctly (their emblem is distinctive in its indistinctiveness!), and as I passed "col" thought of Columbia electric. So, on a lark, I looked closer. There I found the manufacturer of the very interesting rear-driven electric Victoria pictured above that I like so much. It is identified as an 1899 Columbia Victoria Mark V. It appears to be a photo of the same car, probably in front of the same building, however moved a little way and taken from a different angle.

Anyone wanting to look at it, it is on page 356 of my third edition "Standard Catalog of American Cars, 1905-1942". The picture in the book is of poor quality, but interesting to compare to the wonderful image posted above.


Again Ed M, thank you for posting so many wonderful photos!

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