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Period images to relieve some of the stress

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Marmon named this style "Longchamps".  This Weymann body style was also called the "St. Cloud" on the Duesenberg J chassis.  Note the fabric also covers the hood and its sides, which was Weymann's practice before they added the metal paneled option. 

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Courtesy of The Old Motor....



We are looking at what may be the only good images that have survived of John E. Meyer’s attractive and unique J.E.M. “Special” “Camping Phaeton.” Meyer, whose address is on the back of these photos, apparently lived or worked at 42 West 39th St in Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

The “Standard Catalog of American Cars” lists the J.E.M. Model “A” without a photo as being “built in 1922” and included in the 1923 “Automobile Reference Manual.” That publication lists it as having a “128 w.b.” chassis powered by a “six-cylinder Continental model 7R engine” and was a “two/four passenger” car with a selling price of “$2500.”

After a brief search for other photos, a patent, or additional information about this vehicle, nothing more was found. However, a 1902 patent was uncovered granted to a John E. Meyer of NYC for a wine cooler.

We assume this was a one-of-one Meyer might have had built to his specifications and then tried to patent its features with hopes cashing in on his ideas and producing and selling more of these “Camping Phaetons.” With the “Good Roads Movement”going on simultaneously as this car was constructed, auto camping and touring was a very popular activity at the time.





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On 9/16/2020 at 9:50 PM, LCK81403 said:

Edinmass, back on what is now page 2 of this compressed thread, you posted a photo without comment, without identification.  Several type identifications have been associated with the vehicle.  One is Mercedes-Benz W31 G34, a second designation a 1939 Mercedes-Benz G34.  Is there a more definite identification or vehicle designation for this historical vehicle?


Mercedes-Benz W31 G34.jpg

Mercedes-Benz 006.jpg


I hate myself for appreciating Nazi staff cars.

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thanks Ed, great stuff! I really like the 4 horsepower Pierce -Arrow at Yellowstone, Am I correct to assume the fellow sitting up on the top with the pea shooter is there to keep any stray Arrows away from the coach work so they don't Pierce the surface?

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15 hours ago, edinmass said:

John, does you top boot look exactly like this one?


Yes, the top boot looks exactly like this one  (fits 1934, 1935, and 1936) - I would like to find an original and then make few so other people have them (though not sure other people will like end price as it was $390.00 in fabric alone) or at least get everyone in a better spot (I have paper patterns from a deconstructed one that Curt took apart and have a collection of photos from one of the few surviving originals). 

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16 hours ago, edinmass said:

John....pay attention!



Not particularly more valuable due to rarity or desirability, but these 2 door Broughams in 851 and 852 cars are as rare as hens teeth - they were all scrapped out early in the game as the cheapest proposition for a parts car for an open/convertible 851/852 Auburn. 

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Do we have any idea who the coachbuilder was of this Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Cape Top Sport Phaeton?  Its pretty wild for that timeframe, note the upswept cowl, descending belt-line, low three-piece windshield and shape of the rear door opening.

'20's R-R Silver Ghost cape top sport phaeton.png

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