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Period images to relieve some of the stress

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200 pages - Yes, all done on a whim because I really enjoy period images and know some friends did too ( thank you to all who have contributed and pretty much have kept it on track/topic as well which is most appreciated) Thanks especially to my good friends Tim, Al, John , and Colin from England who have contributed the most and taken the time to do so. I think it may have accomplished what I set out - to Relieve some of the stress because we all "get lost" in the photographs we are viewing. Feeling good looking at old iron.

To all of you , my sincere best wishes for continued good health for you and yours. Our bond is the old cars, old vehicles - we are a community of history and preservation. Thank you so much and a huge THANK YOU to AACA for putting up with all of this - posting these photos is not done for free and I know we blew out the limit of what could be posted image wise weeks ago! ūüėģ

To quote the late vaudeville comedian Ted Lewis " Is everybody happy?"  Stay well all and look forward to the day we can once again roam around behind the wheel of our cars that have running boards.

With pride and friendship to all.


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'28 Kissel sedan.  I have had the heart throbs for Kissel Gold Bugs for many years, and there is no known medication for this problem -- short of actually owning one.  However this '28 Kissel sedan looks pretty good too.


28 Kissel Sedan Clymer Scrapbook Nr5 p181.JPG

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'31 Cord.  The short text carries interesting information about the color scheme.


"Of singular distinctiveness is this new Cord, wherein LeGrande combines two shades of capucine for the fenders, moldings and lower body, all set off by flame striping."




31 Cord Clymer Scrapbook Nr5 p187.JPG

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14 minutes ago, John_Mereness said:

From AACA Forum Member Akropois who things this San Diego Airfield and was hanging in his grandfathers Chrysler dealership


Probably IS San Diego since it shows the Spirit of St. Louis.

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From AACA Form Member nzcarnerd


From the University of Pittsburgh archive.


I see from left, a Dodge, an Oakland, and a Franklin. On the right is a Ford T van. I think that might be a Packard Twin Six turning onto the street.

00 to 30 c 20 Fifth Ave Pittsburgh UP archive.jpg

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2 hours ago, John_Mereness said:

And Casper Friederich brings us to page 200 - THANK YOU !!!

I am flattered!

BTW The car to the right in my last photo, could it be a Studebaker as it has suicide front doors? Clearly the driver is showing off his fancy boots!





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7 hours ago, John_Mereness said:

From AACA Forum Member Flaxen (the car is a Buick)

My wife is making a scrapbook of her ancestry. This photo was taken in NY I believe in the mid to late 30's. Her dad and mom are both in the photo. 



1934=35 Model 98-C  - a 'convertible phaeton' in Buick speak. Easily distinguished from the smaller 68-C by the rear edge of the rear door being near vertical and not 'cut into' by the rear fender.


Edit - that is weird - ho did it get posted there?



See the source image

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