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WTB: 1941-47 Hudson third member with 4.11 gears

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When I bought my 1947 Hudson Big Boy the family had the original rear still in the barn as it had been changed to a Ford 9" with better highway gears.  I decided not to take it as I would never change it back.  If that might work I can dig up their contact info.  They may still have it if they haven't sold the family farm.  It was near Montpelier VT. 

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21 hours ago, fullcircle said:

Thanks but all the pickups came with 4.56 gears thats what we have. Now the pickup tops out at 50 mph the owner wants to change the gears to the car 4.11 ratio so I will need a car third member.


Thanks Tom

And you need that third member from a car that was NOT equipped with overdrive.    Overdrive cars came with the 4.56 ratio so the little 212" splasher sixes could still pull in overdrive!

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