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Virus and Charolette?

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Guest Mark McAlpine
On 3/12/2020 at 10:25 AM, Joe Block said:

I have purchase tickets and plan to judge.  Any news on delays or?


Hello Joe. 


    Steve Moskowitz has addressed this elsewhere in the Forum under "Meets and Tours."  I've copied his most recent post below.  The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is talking about this daily, and will always make decisions that are in the best interests of our members.



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This topic changes by the minute.  I am still in the office at 10:30 PM dealing with issues related to this outbreak.  There are  a lot of opinions out there and we need to hear from sources that can give us the very best advice they can.  AACA exists to serve its members and the hobby and we will do this in a thoughtful and prudent way.  This is a very serious subject and I fear this thread is going to go down a rabbit hole.  So, the thread questioned what we are going to do and I have made our statement to this point.  Over the next few days the board will probably have more to say after further consultation with all those who are affected by our future plans.  I will post their response as appropriate but in the meantime  this thread will be locked. 


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Joe, we will have a forma statement  today which basically says the above.  Officials have been discussing Charlotte  and probably by early next week we will have definitive word on our plans.  In the meantime, folks until we have answers we are locking all threads on the virus as too many inappropriate posts have been put out on a variety of our social media platforms.  

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