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Thank you hvs. In the grand scope of human affairs what we do here is trivial, and in that sense I had no right to dennigrate another, and for that I apologize. But at the level we deal with here on this website, I detest the practice of hot rodding and those who do it and find it impossible to hold back my emotions. I regard this as a tragic loss of American history to satisfy some baby boomers' needs, something I guarantee will be regretted at some future time. I just want to grab these guys by the neck and shake them and scream, "Don't you understand what you are doing here?" The final frustration is that my club, AACA, is now joining them.

I have two wonderful cars here right now, both 1928s, that I was able to save from certain hot rodding (one already partially disassembled with the engine on the way to the scrap yard, the other with 36,000 original miles and presentable as is--a fully HPOF!!) They are my most favorite drivers and I actually hold back tears when I think of what could have happened to them.

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