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1912/13 Packard Clock Stewart


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vintage brass era car clock. kept on shelf in garage for decades. missing the upper light as seen in pics. I had this clock working for a about 30 seconds and it quit. possibly need some oil and tinkering. $300 can ship lower 48 for extra $15. Message me if your interested. Thank you




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Just an FYI that clock carries the Chelsea brand, notably the only US mechanical clock maker extant.  They are alive and well in Boston, MA, there clocks over the years were military standard on ships and in US aircraft.  That big round clock on the mantle you often see behind the prez is a Chelsea.  Very likely Chelsea would still service this clock.  Very nice historical piece.  Clocks and watches have been a second hobby of mine since my youth and I was a member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors for a few years.  My hand's are not steady enough to work on them now, they are barely steady enough to work on my 31 Buick.

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