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Wood wheeled auto with no grille - identify

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If it is an OHV and not a Chev must be a Buick. If it is a flathead it could be an Oakland, Pontiac, Olds,  or long shot, a Marquette. The numbers you quote are body numbers and not much help. Photos would be a sure way to identify, and the serial number off the engine. The serial number will be stamped into a raised pad. A raised number cast into the engine is a part number or casting number or possibly a code date and aren't useful.


Wood wheels would place it 1932 or earlier.

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LOL .........Thanks for the help.  We finally got a picture............ It is advertised as an open touring car, on marketplace and as a 1931 Chevy.


After getting the picture....it is a sedan body with the roof cut off.  Not much of a good deal.  Thanks again.

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