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1932 Chrysler CI front bumper brackets


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I was missing the front bumper brackets on my 32 Chrysler CI along with the clips that hold them in place on the main bumper support.  Here’s what I came up with to “get by” until I see what they’re really supposed to look like.











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Here are some photos of what you need, a pair of U shaped brackets and a pair of steel backing clips (to go against back side of bumper bars behind the medallion), and correct "c" shaped blocks to mount bumper brackets to ends of frame horns. While these U shaped pieces look simple enough to make they are not. They have a slight upward twist (maybe an inch or so) to line things up correctly, so they are a right and a left. These came off my '31 Chrysler CD8 but I expect the 6's use very similar item. As opposed to your nice "homers", these have a bit of spring to them for low impact bumps. The mounting blocks shown are same shape as ends of horns, take 4 bolts and "c" recess is just a bit less than double thickness of the brackets. I see your mounting blocks may be single bolt only. Put a "wanted' note in parts wanted section, guys like DPCDFan (Gary R), or vintchry (Rob Bu) may have something.  




IMG_5612 (2).JPG

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