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Dodge brothers 1917 chain to Crankshaft serial number?

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I am missing the chain to the crankchaft on my 1917 dodge brothers. Does anybody know the serial number on the chain, or know where i can get hold of one? The chain goes between the smallest cogwheel on the right and the large one in the middle (see picture).


Thank you

Dodge bilde fra motor.jpg

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There is NO serial (or part )  number on the chain. That is simply the starter/generator drive chain. You mention '17 as the year of your car. Check the car serial number . That chain was 84 link side guide 3/8" pitch chain up to car serial number 234902 (Mar 4 '18) when they switched to 82 links. Check with Tom Myers Early Dodge Parts 734-856-1207 OR  check with George Farrel at ROMAR at 315-924-2490. Be sure to mention your car serial number. Good Luck.

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