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Date Coding of Convertible Vinyl Window

70 Electra

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Hi! Hoping some fellow nit-pickers can help me decipher the date-coding used on a GM vinyl (plastic) convertible window.

Car in question is a 1960 that still has its original factory-installed top. The rear vinyl window does not appear to have ever been changed, and I would welcome the opportunity to "verify" its originality.

The window has the following identification on it.


8 H 1

I am guessing this is some kind of date and/or plant code, but haven't been able to figure it out. Furthermore, I'm wondering if it may be a "random" date code like that used on LOF glass----where consecutive months and years are NOT represented by consecutive letters. confused.gif

I've successfully contacted the company that made Regalite (they still make plastic windows) but they do not have records that go back to the pre DOT days. frown.gif

In the absence of any factual documentation, I'd like to hear from anyone with a car of this vintage, where they believe they still have the original plastic window. What codes are on YOUR car's window?


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Greg, on a trip south I visited Floyd Garrett's Musclecar Museum near Pigeon Forge, TN. I was suprised to see a 1959 or 1960 Chevy reputed to be an unrestored original with the original top (unrestored originals are a specialty of this museum). I guess Mr Garrett is often on hand, maybe you could do a web search and contact them. Please let me know what you find, Todd Crews, POCI 1957

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