28 Buick clutch adjustment

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23 hours ago, 1928Buick said:


Is Don Pettee's former car...?

I believe a school teacher bought it new, and drove it for many years.

It was restored cosmetically very nicely, but the mechanics were ignored.

I believe Tony Bult went through the car mechanically and got things up to par.

If I remember correctly, it steers very hard, and shouldn't.


I believe what the problem is, is not the car, or clutch, but your skill.


I always tell new 20's car owners....SLOW Down....!! Not just car speed, but.....You.  We are in a fast paced, "instant" world now.  We jump out of a modern car, and into our antique, and its our frame of mind that is still going too fast.


FIRST:  you MUST have true 600W oil in the transmission if you want to experience what Buick intended with its engineering.

without true 600W oil, the gears are spinning too fast.


SECOND: check your idle speed.  I can not count how many cars I see on yoututbe or in person, and their idle is waaaaaay  too high.  Buick says that on level ground in high gear at idle the car should travel 5-8 mph for proper idle speed. The idle speed makes a great deal of difference when puching in the clutch to shift.


THIRD: Style of driving. 1st gear is NOT to be driven in under normal driving is to get the car moving...ONLY.  You are in first gear for an honest 1 to 2 is ONLY to get the car moving. Shift to 2nd right away, and barely stay in 2nd. Do not wind it up in 2nd gear. Shift to 3rd. this era, it wasnt horsepower but torque that was king. Buicks can throttle down to 5mph in 3rd gear all the way to top speed.


FOURTH.  Now days we accelerate right up to a stop sign then slam the brakes....In the 20's, when approaching a stop sign....leave the car in gear.....DONT put the clutch in hundreds of feet before the stop....leave the clutch out and let the engine and weight of the rotational mass slow the car just to the stall point, THEN put the clutch in and brake.


I have found most people I have helped were just revving the engine waaaaaaay to high....had improper oil in the transmission case, were staying in 1st and 2nd waaaaay too long, and didnt let the gears slow the car down, before disengaging the clutch.


Hope this helps...!!


Yes, it is the car you reference and the restoration was done (remarkably well) as noted in your post, though I can't speak to the sequence, I also don't know the dates of the restoration. It has been exceptionally maintained no matter when the work was done and baring my learning curve has no issues what-so-ever, just a magnificent car. Thanks for your comments.




Steering is just fine.

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Benefits of AACA Membership.

What is the capacity of the transmission in this 28 buick? I'm going to try Hugh's formula for fluid.



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I've ordered the lucas  products Where is the fill plug.


Is the silver plug indicated by the arrow the fill?




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Wow!! That was fast, thanks very much!!

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Drained the trans and added a 2 to 1 mix of Lucas 80-90 to Lucas stabilizer.

I don't think the fluid was ever drained from the transmission, it came out closer to tar than oil (see pic below) if I hadn't pre-warmed the transmission it would have taken three weeks and a day just to drain. Now, I want to drain it again and the flush the whole thing. What are the procedures and fluids to use to flush it?

 Oh! It now shifts extremely easy, just a slight snick in each gear, but that's probably me not timing it quite right.

Thanks Hugh for the tip on the Lucas mix.


28 buick tranny fluid.JPG

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