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I'm restoring a '64 Electra 225 coupe and may need to rebuild the transmission. Is it possible to put a dynaflow in this car. I know that the '63's had dynaflow and it seems the '64's might be similar enough to do this? Any comments from those in the know? Thanks..Bryan Burns

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It wont bolt up to start with unless you change the eng. crank - If you are not convinced yet - call around and get a price to rebuild a turbo and a price to rebuild the dynoflop - you will be lucky to find someone who will work on it and at 3 times the price. [color:\\"blue\\"]

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Guest nailswede

Go for the Superturbine 400!!

I have both Dynaflow and 400 and 400 is the better one...mileage/performance makes the difference.

And of course your car would be more like the factory specs.

Happy restoring laugh.gif


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