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Convertible Top on bows for sale


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I have a very nice Hartz cloth convertible top on the bows with the weather stripping for $ 1400 with free delivery later in March if you are somewhere between Duluth MN and Columbia SC or to the Auto Fair in Charlotte NC.

The tan top is in nice condition, fairly new, and the weather stripping is not perfect but very nice condition and it has the heated glass back window.

This is the easiest way to put a new top on a car. The whole assembly is held to the body by two or three bolts on each side and the plates are aligned with some roll pins so you simply take your old assembly off and put on the new. The roll pins guide the top into the exact location so there is no alignment necessary.

You would then have your old weather stripping as spares or can be sold as weather stripping in in high demand.

When the top was on the car the fit was perfect with NO wrinkles. The photos show wrinkles but that is only because it is off the car and was folded up for the last 6 weeks.

I have pictures of the weather stripping I can email to an interested party.

The top is for sale as shown and I will not sell the weather stripping separately.





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