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`36 Buick 40 series trans front bearing


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Can`t find the original New Departure/Hyatt shielded bearing, so bought what Bobs has to offer. Bearing is pre-greased, sealed both sides. Has anyone used these bearings? I`m wondering if I should peel the seal from the front side so trans oil can oil the bearing. What do you think?

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3 hours ago, avgwarhawk said:

It is sealed with grease. Leave the seal. I have not used one but plan to with my 3 speed. 

Chris, thanks for the reply. In all my years I`ve never seen a sealed bearing in any transmission. I guess the good thing is by being sealed would keep any trash from getting in the bearing. The other thing is made in Korea, maybe better than China made? Guess we have to settle for what`s available, no more "Made in USA".  Tom

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Somewhere around here, lost, is a white paper on bearings that claims one of the biggest contributors to bearing failure is contamination by extremely tiny particles and dust from grease not being manufactured clean enough, or contaminated from lid left off the grease in open air, etc. It argues that a sealed bearing will last longer if kept sealed with it's original lubricant.


One other advantage to a sealed bearing, in theory, is that if you put a little sealer on the case and shaft, you could plug the oil drainback port with a gasket, and the front of the transmission would be actually sealed by a seal (until it failed). I can't quite bring myself to try it. It is interesting to think about.


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