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1940 front emblem


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These are reproduced, but not of the authenticity I seek.  I'm looking for an NOS emblem or a restorable original.  To determine that one is restorable it must not be physically damaged.  Secondly, the background metal under the red enamel must not be oxidised as can be seen by the darkened color on this example.  The restorer has indicated that the darkened color will leave a shadow under the new enamel.

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8 hours ago, vintage1 said:

You might check with Emblem Magic, they restore emblems but I think they may also have some for sale



Already checked and they have none.  I have time to locate one, but the question will become what is the point loss for no emblem, repro emblem or slightly discolored original emblem.  Not too concerned as I think the bug smattering on the windshield and mud on the tires will be more fun.

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