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I'm tapped out...


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Thanks in advance, everyone...


This site appears to have the most knowledgeable group of people associated with it when it comes to identifying antique automobiles from photographs.


The attached photo is from the Pacific Northwest circa 1907-1910 and I've done my level best to identify the make model but I've come up empty. The bearded gentleman was a doctor and I assume was fairly well off. This might be a higher end automobile.


Any help in identification would be genuinely appreciated .



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Definitely the Chalmers Detroit style rear doors and other details.


On 3/4/2020 at 6:16 PM, auburnseeker said:

Must be eating lunch or dinner. No response yet. 


I was visiting a friend and do not have a laptop.

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Everything matches a Chalmers-Detroit to me. 

Ten spokes front with twelve rear. 
Low-hanging side lights (makes sense when you see the cowl without a windshield.

Drop center axle.

Fenders and radiator (even the way the rear wheel fits into the opening that bothers me a little, but needed to get into the rear seat).

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Might be a 1910 with the straight rear fenders and shorter (forward) front fenders. Here is a 1911 with the same rear door and other features that march... same basic body, too.


1911 Chalmers Detroit green.jpg

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