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Dinsmore Instrument Company promo items & stamps

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Hello, all. I just wanted to share this with all of you, as I am sure plenty are familiar with Dinsmore. The company was known for creating groundbreaking compasses for the automotive world. These legendary compasses are now highly sought after by collectors and can go for very high prices online.

I already posted about a recent listing today, but here I have two more I would like to share with you great people on this site.



Here are two Chiquita Banana promo compasses created by Dinsmore. They are both still in the original plastic wrap, thoguh there are some signs of internal wear. Along with that, there is the "Mini Finder". It is a concept product that is inside a package appearing to have been drawn in marker. I am unsure if this ever went on to be publicly sold.



Next here, are a big collection of what I believe are silkscreen stamps. These are the stamps that were used for all  paper documentation distributed by Dinsmore Instrument Company.


All of these items listed are extremely rare, most being one of a kind.


If you have any questions, please let me know. These are located in Flint, MI and can be picked up after purchase. If you would like to view anything in person, please message me and I will see if we can arrange something.





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