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1949 Olds 88 2 door sedanette


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Are there any GM products (Chev/Buick/Pontiac) sheetmetal that will cross over between products? Looking at a 49 Chevrolet  2 door for some body replacement parts and am trying to determine Fisher body part numbers. The Chev deluxe 2 door rear fenders look similar except for a top trim piece that goes the whole length of the fender instead of just the rear half like my Olds...But the wheel opening looks correct. Anyone have any Fisher body part number information that might show similar body part numbers between brands??

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No other GM sedanette rear fenders are a direct interchange with an Olds. The Chevrolet lower bumper depressions are different. The taillight & trim holes are different. All the wheel openings are different throughout the GM cars, different heights, different lengths, no other make fender skirts interchange. I suppose you could make a Chevrolet work if you are a skilled bodyman but there are a lot of little details that you will have to address. Olds, Chev, Pont quarters .all have different part numbers. Buicks quarters aren't even close in size or shape. 

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My older brother bought a `49 Olds 4dr fast back, looked good on the passenger side. Went to the drivers side and it had Chevy doors and Chevy rear 1/4 panel, doors opened/closed just fine, the most noticeable difference was the bumper depression in the rear fender, and the rocker panel below the rear door fender extension.  He bought it for the engine block.

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3 hours ago, Tford said:

Hmm, so I found a Fisher body book for 49, and it shows similar sheetmetals among the brands. Wouldn’t this mean that listed models share similar sheetmetal?



Read that page again. That's NOT showing "similar sheet metal". The only purpose of that page is to identify body styles and their associated Fisher Body Numbers. It has nothing to do with sheet metal similarity. How did you even get that impression? FYI, those illustrations are all Chevrolet bodies.

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