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Need to do brakes... What rotors are compatible?


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hey all, i need to do the brakes on my 89 and I would like to know if there is any direct replacement rotors that will fit the reatta fronts? My rotors need replacing and am going to pick n pull today to see if there's any rotors I can get from there. I still have the factory 15's so the camaro upgrade won't work for me just yet. Also what about the rear? I am on a budget big time at the moment so I wanna try not to order new. I searched a bunch but there is no clear answer for this. Does anyone have a link to the compatible brake systems used on other cars? Thanks

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The easy answer is Yes......lots of GM vehicles with the same rotors.........

This link will take you to Rock Auto...Buick....1989....Reatta...brakes....rotor...


Now select a brand that says "front" and click on the blue part number and it will display all the cars that use the same rotor.

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