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Ford Radio Interference Suppression Condensor


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Hi. I'm having the original radio in my '61 Mercury refurbished by Retro Radio Restorations. I've emailed them this question, but so far haven't received a response.


I still have  what looks to be the original External Radio Interference Suppression Condensor mounted under the voltage regulator. It's 60 years old, so I don't know if it's still good or not.


I'm happy replacing it, but don't know how critical the exact application is (there aren't a lot of new ones out there.) The number on mine is FEG-18832-A. I've found a couple new replacements online with a number that matches, but they have a different prefix. None with "FEG". These replacements are listed for late 60's mustangs. Don't know if the FEG on the original refers to my FE 352 engine, or if the prefix is merely referring to the connector or mounting bracket or something. If it's only a connector difference, no big deal...I can put a new one on the replacement to match mine. If it's something more important I'll try to find something else...NOS maybe. Thanks.



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Hey James, mine was no good too since the bottom was blown out. I've tried to find another one and haven't had much luck.  I'm getting the whine over the radio when the car is running and goes up when you give it throttle. Could you please let me know if you come up with something? Thanks


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33 minutes ago, Laughing Coyote said:

Could you please let me know if you come up with something? Thanks


Absolutely. I have no idea if my suppressor is working or not. My radio has never worked for as long as I owned the car. Hopefully Retro Radio Restorations will call before too long. They still have my radio and they need to contact me in order to get paid. 😄

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