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1984 Buick Riviera 52K Actual Mi


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9 hours ago, MCHinson said:

I have owned numerous 1981-1985 Rivieras. That is a stock factory landau roof. 


Below is pictured the normal vinyl roof that

came from the factory.  Notice its leading edge

is the REAR of the rear quarter window;  the

trim appears to be different;  and there is a 

"coach lamp" in the rear sail panel.  On the car

for sale, it looks as if the plastic coach-lamp lens

was simply placed over the vinyl of the roof.



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I have not owned one in a few years, and was judging primarily from the emblem with a quick glance. I stand corrected. The vinyl could have been redone in the past but the emblem looks correct to me. There are differences in the emblems on different years. I don't recall which version is found on which years. Some are DC powered, some are AC powered with an AC power supply in the trunk. The minor differences in the lighted emblem can be confusing, but that emblem and its location looks correct to me in the photo. 

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