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'36 Ford Sedan

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37 minutes ago, Michael Peternell said:

Just for fun! What's wrong with Minnesota?

that is a can of worms that should be left unopened... but the short answer is that the money being spent on cars tends to be centered on the areas where the money is, and Minnesota is about as far from a coast as you can get... seems like a lot of Midwest and Chicago money was ignored in the wrong location comment. I think the money was low on the car, but the market is hard to predict right now. There are deals to be had and that car may have been one of them. 

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On 3/2/2020 at 8:59 PM, Michael Peternell said:

I am sure you can't build one for that money.


The one to be built has a lot of promises about work not yet completed, not a deal breaker, but it sure can lead to a heart breaker.


Minnesota? The word "frugal" comes to mind. And that is right near the top of my scary word list.


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