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My 36 Buick Business Coupe did not come with a radio which surprised me a bit.  It does however, have the ashtray and cigar lighter.  I have started researching the aftermarket radios available to consumers in 1936.  The biggest competitors appear to have been Philco and Delco.  I know that Buicks ran a high and low end Delco.  Not sure about Philco.  My grandparents had a Philco box radio in their home as well as a GE.  


While searching for a period radio I stumbled across this Philco needing some TLC.  I probably paid too much for it, but it appears in decent shape.   Looks like the Buick will be getting a reconditioned after-market 1935-1936 Philco; I really like the Art Deco design  Am I breaking a taboo here?




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Motorola was starting around then. They invented the crystal that keeps the stations tuned in when a radio is moving, such as in a car. Hence the name "Motorola". Radios before Motorola had to be re-tuned all the time when the car was moving.

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Just learned this was marketed in Britain and the U.S. for universal applications.  It was advertised as "top of the line" in November 1935.  It features 8 AM tuned circuits, 12V storage battery (?), electromagnetic dynamics, moving coil/field excitation coil, energized loud speaker, and it's super heterodyne (?).  The knobs are apparently made of wood.  The center knob is tone control.

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