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Two door sedan - what is it.


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This one was posted on a local facebook page. The poster said it was him at a much younger age in his Essex 'sloppy' six. At a guess the photo date is 1950s or 1960s.


The only problem is that I know it is not an Essex.


The closest I can guess is 1929 Nash Standard Six, but I am not convinced it is that either.


The lack of cowl lamps could be due to them having been removed. There weren't many cars that didn't have them.



Two door sedan D Davison young.jpg

Two door sedan D Davison young (2).jpg

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2 hours ago, Dave Henderson said:

Appears to be right hand drive unless the picture was reversed.  Ergo may not be a USA car.  Building in the background not of typical American styling.


I had forgotten I had put this here. 


The photo was taken in New Zealand, although the house is not typical. The photo quality is quite poor but I think it is suburban brick apartment house.


The car has been identified as a 1929 Whippet.



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