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1924 Buick 45 open car NEED 2 same inner door knobs


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Hi there .. looking to get at least 2 same inner door knob handles for the 1924 Buick 45 open car .

look at pictures of what i have so far . 

i'm looking for the Bronze ones not aluminium..

i think the two alike are the correct ones..?  ( ones on the left )




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Hi Apolo,

 I think a lot of cars from that era used these type of knobs. My 27 Nash should have knobs the same as the ones you are seeking on the left, I'm also looking for a set of four, but will probably end up buying a set from a Model A ford parts supplier, as the 28 Ford ones are very similar.


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    The correct "Door Lever knob" for your car is the one on the right.  Part number 41715.  All open Buicks from the teens to 1924, then 1925 and 1926 Buick Standard Touring.  They are polished aluminum.  You could make some on a lathe out of round stock if you can not find any.   Good thing you have one for a pattern.    Hugh  


I suggest also posting on the Buick Buy and Sell forum.

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I have a few... The 3 on the left are brass with some chrome plating left, the two on the right has some slight surface rust, so they must be steel. I guess if Snyders can get $5 each for repros that don't match what you need, I can get $5 each for originals that need plating. I can put them in a padded envelope for $2.50 more.




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