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1958 Oldsmobile Exhaust

tommie b

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Hi All It's time for me to replace the exhaust system on my 58 Olds super 88 Convt.  I see a co on ebay from Ohio selling the aluminized daul exhaust system with mufflers and resonators and with out the resonators. # 1 question anyone here use this co.? # 2 question do I need the rear resonators? I have a lift so install is no problem . Or should I use a local muffler shop ( does old cars all the time)  Thank you so much Tom  

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If the local guy has older program cards for his bender I'd go that route and support a local business. Plus if the prebent system needs "tweaking",  you'll prob end up visiting him anyway. Resonators are a personal preference. On a convert, they may eliminate exhaust "droning". They were generally installed to quiet things down as much as possible.

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