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New E-mail address *** 250+ Buicks for parts 1937-92


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We haven't posted any ads here recently and we now have a new e-mail address, so I thought I had better update everyone. Our new address is sehrlich2@cox.net.

We are still buying Buicks for parts on almost a weekly basis. The years we cover range from 1937-1991 and cover most years and body styles. Full Size, Skylark/GS, Riv. 2drs, 4drs, convs. etc. Just off the top of my head, these are a some of the cars we have picked up over the last 60 days.

52 Super 2dr ht, complete with factory power steering

68 Electra

69 Riv.

78 Riv

2- 86 Rivs.

88 Regal

89 Regal

90 Regal GS, 50,000 miles

92 Riv

We have been in the Buick parts business for 25 years and have parts and pieces off of hundreds of cars we have stripped out over the years plus all of the parts cars we currently have in inventory. We also have a fairly extensive collection of NOS available from several dealership inventories we have bought. We also have about 100 Pontiacs in stock for parts, 1941-1994.

We only do this as a weekend hobby so we have a lot of hard to find parts in stock including grills, grill bars, hood ornaments, lights, sheetmetal, bumpers, side mldgs. sweepspear mldgs., hubcaps, etc. etc.

Do not respond to this post. E-mail us directly, I don't check this on a regular basis, so to get a response, you need to e-mail me. Since we only do this as a weekend hobby, it may be 7-10 days before I get a chance to check the parts and reply to all e-mails.

All e-mails MUST include all info about your car and a list of needs. I can't check parts unless I know what you have and what you need for it. We get e-mails every week from people who need parts for "my car", whatever it may be. Please remember that we get dozens of e-mails a week for parts so try and include your car info. in all e-mails. The parts I responded to you about was probably one of about 2 dozen e-mails I answered that night.

We are located in central KS and our number is (620) 793-3903.


Steve and Chad Ehrlich

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We just found out a couple of days ago, our ISP (Cox Communications) screwed up and assigned the same address to two different accounts. If you have tried to e-mail us and never got a response, this is probably why. Our new address is s.ehrlich@cox.net. Please send any parts requests to this address and we will try and help.


Steve and Chad Ehrlich

(620) 793-3903


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