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Wray Kniffin - Hershey BCA Tent Passes


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Any Hershey regulars will recognize Wray Kniffin from the BCA tent at Hershey. Wray passed away yesterday. He and Ron DeGroff have been manning the hospitality tent for years, cookies and candy from their wheel cover, a place to sit, and luring in new members, greeting old ones.


Wray was a very active member of the BCA Finger-lakes Region. Always at club functions and promoting the BCA the best he could.




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I hate hearing we lost another one. 

People that have been the heart of BCA and have kept various pieces of the system active keep showing up here in these sad announcements.

Wish there was a solution.   

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12 minutes ago, 38Buick 80C said:

oh NO!!

Is right wait till you get old, B, this is the fourth friend this week and the youngest one was 54 and at work at GM, sucks, Mommy said don't get old, that doesn't work well. Thoughts and prayers to all that knew  Wray, what a great guy!

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