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63 Gas tank vent line with a one way valve.


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Ok... looking for some advice again. 

On my 63 Riv gas tank there is a vent line, I have attached a rubber hose and looped it over the filler neck.

Question: What type of vent one-way valve should be installed on end of the hose? Should it be mounted upright if it is a "ball-check type?" Or use a non ball check type?

There is not a lot of room in that area for a "larger" Holley rollover type check valve, which I have. (see pic)  I just kinda through it in there to see how it may work, but fitment and getting it mounted upright is a bit of a problem. Whats your thoughts? Anyone using a check valve, different type check valve, or other ideas?

Thanks for your time and ideas!



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