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WNTD: !915 1916 Briscoe with V8 engine. All or part,any condition,or loose engine. Leads?

George Albright

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Ran across this by accident...

Got into Ferro (peripherally) filling out an early V8 file...there were three..

8-35  25/8x33/4 35HP  163.

8-48  3x31/2  48HP 198

8-60  31/4x4 60HP  265 (per a listing of 1917 stock engines)..

A 1917 ring catalog lists the 3x (which seems to be the Briscoe engine) as models 3 and 9, and the 31/4x as models 2 and 8. I have no idea what differences may exist in the separate model numbers; in the ring catalog 3 and 9 took the same rings (possibly engine only and unit power plant, big in those days??)

My V8 file (assuredly incomplete) only lists the 1918 Economy and the 1917 Jackson Wolverines taking the Briscoe engine,,,in fact, the Ferro V8s seem to've made very little penetration of theauto market...

They may've gotten some into boats---oldmarine engine and such might be places to check for motors, probably quite rare

I wonder if the three might be drop-in fits for each other ???


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Re' your above reply:

1915 The Automobile article says the Briscoe had?would have a 3x31/2, the middle size  Ferro.

The 1917 Jackson had the middle size, the 3x...

The 1916 Jackson is listed in the Std Cat V8s 1906-2002 (derogatory comments follow) as having a Ferro in both the 348 and 68, but gives two different non-Ferro b/s (other catalogs say Olds #44 and Northway 308, which seem to match b/s)...

The 1916 Scps-Bth had the smallest Ferro, the  25/8....

The above partly from that so=called Std Cat, which should be titled Std Cat of Mainline V8s...278 pgs of mainlines and 9 pages of  a sadly incomplete and occasionally erroneous list of "minor makes".

The only one I saw that might've used the largest Ferro, the 31/3, was the Wills  St.Clair, which claimed its "own" engine, but the b/s and sketchy desc match...

All that being said, it's always possible substitutions were made  in production...if you have a pile of bBiscoe pieces with a the remains of a 25/8 engine, let me know so I can correct my references...   With sympathy,  Bud

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  I have a couple Briscoe 4cyl basket case projects,1918 and 1920 which probably won't help you much. But there was a V-8 engine advertised on the HCCA site maybe two years ago in northern N. Dakota as I recall. I sent an email that I didn't need it but would add it to my pile as long as I had two cars but never got a response. It was not priced in the ad and it sounded like they had just the engine. 


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