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'90 Parts For Sale...


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Got a dilemma guys. Just came accross a parts car. Red w/ tan interior. Trying to get an estimate on need to see if it's worth buying from the owner. Hit in front, so everything forward of radiator is a no go. This includes the hood, lights and front fenders. Rear bumber, front windshield, and doors are also missing (already sold).

So, what's available? Complete rear windshield w/ defroster, both rear quarters, all rear light packs, some interior parts, it has a cellular phone that looks like it was original, a Novatel(Barney?), wheel caps, storage compartment, center console, seats (have to really check out condition. They are at least in GOOD condition), most of the engine parts, engine and tranny (which are condition unknown), and a few more. Let me know what you need and I will let you know if it's there. Also, give me a price that you think is fair for the part. I'm taking a lot of the interior trim, which is pretty much my whole interest in the car.

Most likely, if I don't buy the entire car, I'll see to it that you get a reasonable price for what you need and see it shipped to you, if I can. I will also let you know of any parts that I feel are of questionable condition (in other words, what I wouldn't want on my car - and I'm trying to get ready for show). Basically, if it can't be cleaned to look like new, I'll let you know.


Email all requests to Consultants_1@yahoo.com or Consultants_1@hotmail.com

Try not to leave request here, just in case I lose the thread like I've done at other times.

Highest Regards to you all.

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To our knowledge, there were but two 1989 Reattas built with "factory" phones and they were installed by engineering not the assembly line. The price of a cell phone in 1989 was around $1500 and that added to the sticker of a Reatta went over the top.

I am certain that there were cell phones installed by dealers, using Riviera parts on customers new Reattas, but that would be impossible to document, plus who wants a non-digital cell phone?

I received a note from a lady in LA area with a wrecked 1991 coupe, white/tan, front wrecked. Hood, mirrors, and one vent window alread sold and she is hoping (dilusions?) to get $3000 for what remains. I have attempted to give her some idea of values but she has not replied.

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Our 1990 silver with gray interior was run over from behind by a city dump truck. We are trying to determine if it is worth salvaging. Engine was still running after impact, but rear end is completly destroyed. We have owned it for over 10 years and have all service records. Any suggestions on where to go from here? Is it a good idea to strip for parts and post on this site? We are heartbroken. The plan was to retire the car and keep garaged as a collectible. We still have original floor mats! homesandlandnefl@msn.com

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To those who have contacted me already...

If Liberty Mutt decides to go ahead and take the rear of this car to restore his/her own, then it seems that everyone may be accommodated, since most of you have desired only those parts forward of the rear quarters. We'll see and I'll let you know. Others are encouraged to keep sending in their requests, though, as nothing is definite as of this time.

Barney, I'll get the VIN of this one for you before the week's out, but you're prob right, since the phone says Nortel and not Reatta or Buick or such, the dealer or former owner may have installed it themelves. Pretty good job of it, though. laugh.gif

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