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Changing 1941 Autolite to Delco Remy?

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Packard used both Autolite and Delco generators, regulators, and distributors in 1941.  My 1941 1100 has the Autolite system, however, I have found that the Delco parts are far easier to locate.  Can a Delco generator be substituted for the Autolite unit if you also swap out the voltage regulator?

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Should not be a problem although you need to also check and perhaps change generator brackets or add spacers to ensure belt alignment.  Cannot speak directly to 41 models but later years had different brackets because the spacing and distance between the pulley groove and mounting ears on the generators were different between Delco and Autolite.  


One issue you may come across is the need to change pulleys if the belt size is different between engines the two brands were used on.  Not sure if the armature shaft diameter is the same so pulleys can be swapped between Delco and Autolite.  That could become a more substantial problem if you need to find a pulley.  I ran into that scenario on a later generator which needed a pulley for a wide belt used on 356 engines.

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Autolite is better than Delco, has the edge.  I've had three '40s Packards, including my present '47 senior Clipper,  and any NAPA store can help.   Additionally, there are Packard vendors all over the nation with all AutoLite components in stock.   Cars are all about devil in the details.  Always get the best, even if it seems a paltry matter.

Autolite distributors are better than Delco distributors,  according to aged, lifelong mechanics who were around in the day and since.

 Don't go slumming when you have a Packard, any Packard, junior or senior.  They had the best chassis of the '40s,  notwithstanding GM's slick styling, marketing, HydraMatic.

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