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Who was this 1920's illustrator?

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There is a nice illustration on the Pathfinder tread that reminded me of the artwork that I like. Just noticed the same work in a Dodge Brothers Business Car brochure, who was the artist? I've always thought having a screen side would be nice ever since High School, the typing teacher had one for daily transportation. Bob 



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           I can't answer your question regarding the artist for these works but I have a similar affinity for the art work of Art Fitzpatrcik and Van Kaufman, who's work was prominent in magazines during the 1960's and almost exclusively for Pontiac. I have collected of much of their work over the years (copies of course) and finally felt the need for a larger display, so I had a print enlarged to roughly 6' X 6' and installed it on the wall in our lounge, between the period correct Barzilay shelving. While I do like the 1961 Bonneville, I had no particular fondness for it, I chose it more for the colors that worked with the mid-century color choices we'd used in the room. This small photo doesn't really do justice to the whole effect, but it gives you an idea.


I think the work by the artist you've posted would easily lend itself to a similar enlargement which could look great in a den, living room, office, garage, etc.

I hope someone here can identify the artist.

Cheers, Greg

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In my magazine collecting days I was told, by a semi-amatuer printer, that the reason the colors were so much more brilliant/rich  in the old magazines was because both the paper then was more absorbent but primarily because color printing was slower...the more modern high-speed printing precluded the "saturation" attained in the early days...

Had a nice file of Leyendecker, Coles Phillips an others I can't recall, all sold over the tears and now fondly remembered...

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