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Storage Idea

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I have been using my Kwik Lift more.



I have a low ceiling so this and a scissors lift meet my height limits. Raised, the ramp is 20" above the floor. With the 3" side skirt and a couple inches of creeper it is tight sliding in from the side. Belly makes it but it gets tight on the chest. Going under from the front is easy. That's where a bunch of "too good to throw away" lumber is.

So all I thought I would do was make a lumber rack up neat the ceiling.

Then I found this great idea online. Just bore a 1" hole 3" deep in the stud. And stick in a piece of 3/4" EMT cut to length. I tried it today and it looks like my lumber rack is solved and if I don't Swiss Cheese the structure maybe even a couple of shelves. Twenty bucks for the bit and a 10' length of EMT.





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