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What contraption is this?


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A contraption to fix an issue with the lower ball joints where they really should be replaced, but such a thing would be out of the realm of many mechanics back then?


The lower ball joint is the one which is always "loaded" by the car's weight on it.  Putting the inner spherical ball inside of its socket/wear surface.


Hunter was a company that built wheel balancers and front end alignment equipment.  Having a like of "fix kits" would compliment that, I suspect.


Lower ball joints were probably one of the most-not-needed replacement items in prior times, by observation.  Which would make this fix kit an easy sale?


Just some thoughts,


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A cheaper sale than replacing the lower ball joint.  Buick allowed a 1/4 inch of movement at the tire circumference before lower ball joint replacement was required.  This contraption would be less labor in my opinion. Gimmicky for sure. Similar to coil spring wedges. 

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