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They are rare in the U.S.: well, as far as that goes, I've only seen a few in this country (U.S. of A.).  According to some friends of mine, the Unimog is a vehicle in use world wide, both by governments and mercenaries.  I'm told that it is a pretty good (bullet resistant) vehicle.




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Lots of them around.

The Unimog is a range of multi-purpose all-wheel drive medium trucks produced by Daimler ... Unimogs were also built in Argentina (first ever country to do so outside Germany) ... output of 25 DIN-PS (18.5 kW) proved to be insufficient for many applications. ... The 100,000th Unimog (a 421) was built in 1966 in Gaggenau.

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The Unimog and Pinzgauer are probably the best off-road vehicles in the universe. We've had one of each and I can only imagine the fun you'd have with them. The Unimog brought BIG money since it was a 4-door crew cab dump box civilian version, while the Pinzgauer was a desirable 6x6. The Unimog has locking front, center, and rear differentials, adjustable brakes and suspension, plus portal axles and a 6-speed manual gearbox. These are probably the only vehicles in the world that can out-crawl a Dodge Power Wagon. Too cool!


Here's the Unimog:




The Pinzgauer was specifically built as an Austrian military off-road vehicle with an air-cooled flat-four located above the axles and the driveshafts enclosed inside the tube frame. This one also has locking differentials as well as the portal axles plus SIX disc brakes. There were 4x4 versions as well but the 6x6 is the one most enthusiasts want today.






If you need to go somewhere remote, nothing is better than one of these.




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 I drove one quite a few years ago.

 I wanted to see how slow it would crawl so I put in the lowest gear facing up a pile of dirt.

 I got out and looked at the rear wheel, and yes, it was moving!

 There is one in a junkyard in Chicopee Ma. for anyone looking for one.

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