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Chrysler LeBaron EVA system swapping?


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My name is Mark, I'm 18 and am absolutely obsessed with cars from the 80's. The holy grail for me is the Chrysler LeBaron, it's a good looking convertible and it talks to you like Kit from Knight Rider!!! I found a pretty good deal for one on Facebook marketplace, but it doesn't come with the digital dash or EVA system. My understanding is that the EVA only works with the digital dash, is that correct? My main question is would I be able to install a digital dash and EVA in a Lebaron that didn't come with one? I am open to any suggestions, and I am not afraid of modding things here and there- I also tinker with vintage electronics as a hobby. Any info would be greatly appreciated!



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I have an '82 Lebaron  convertible along with an '84 Lebaron "woody" convertible. The '82 has an analog dash, 'the '84 has a digital dash and the EVA. I wish I could shut my EVA off!! I have looked and can not find the switch!


Anyways... I think some of the switches/sensors that might be different. Don't know if this is because one is an '82 or the other is an '84 . Thinking like the oil pressure switch as one needs to just light an idiot light but the other needs to actually measure the pressure for the gauge to read and announce "your engine oil pressure is low". A good place to ask is the "EEK AllPar" website as they have answered many of my questions.


If you do get an a car with the EVA the standard joke is to open your door while the car is moving and it will announce "your door is ajar" which you tell your passengers "stupid car, it's not a jar, it is a car door!"

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