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Buick Ralley Wheels


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I have two ralley wheels for sale. 15x6 with 5” bolt hole pattern. 895 stamped on one with a 2” center hole. The other has a 2 1/8 “ center with a register ring. May be 853. Unable to see stamping. Great for spare, or use.

Some rust but no curb rash. $ 135 ea.  plus shipping. Make offer.
Thanks Tony.








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Hi Tony,

  Your specs are, for some reason, mixed up....895 wheels should have a 2 inch opening, not 2 and 1/8th. If you have a rim with a 2 and1/8th opening, and assuming it is the rim which you cant read the code number on, that would be an 853 wheel. Evidence of an 853 rim is the indexing ring illustrated in your photo of the backside of the rims. If that is the case, if one rim is an 895 and the other is an 853, these wheels have different backspacing.

  When turned on their faces, the 895 wheel will rest on the nose where the center cap snaps in, and an 853 wheel will rest on the outside edge of the rim, not on the nose. The difference is in the backspacing.

 895 wheels are `71 and up...853 wheels are 67 1/2 through `70.

  Probably a good idea to check the center opening again. Hope this helps,

Tom Mooney

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Tom unfortunately for me I have two different wheels 895 center hole is 2” and sets on the center of hole the other is 2 1/8” and lays flat on outer edge. Thank you for the heads up. I am opened to offers someone may need a spare

I will edit listing. One wheel has the register ring 
Thank you.

Tony B.

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