Tips on towing a few antiques needed

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8 hours ago, 60FlatTop said:

I bought these cars and was uncertain what I was going to do with them. I licensed both of them legally in my name and received the proper ownership documentation in my name. I never buy anything I wouldn't mind being stuck with and wouldn't spend more than $1,000 on anything without proof of my ownership. And I do pay the appropriate sales tax. In New York State cars of this age do not have a title. They use a transferable registration.

I sold the Bug Eye as is for a project and parted out the Lincoln.

Here we call the casual passing of ownership without legal transfer "jumping title". I had a registration for the Bug Eye from 1968 with two casual owners in between. I located the last registered owner and essentially bought the car from him. The Lincoln was just filed as a lost registration. The Jaguar was the same situation as the Bug Eye.


At this point in my life I find it easier to do things by the book. I certainly know how to take the other options, but proper procedures up front have been working.


Yeah I'm actually trying to figure that one out as well. There are some complications with my dad writing a bill of sale but at the same time doesn't care that I have the vehicles. I'm not sure if we can work that out just yet, or if I could just sign them over to a friend of mine in Alabama. I know he wouldn't screw me on it. I'm wanting to just establish ownership of the two vehicles. It is extremely important to me. If they aren't on file, have no record of being registered, or no records at all with VIN. I'm really wondering what my best options would be but this pertains more to a different post I had on here I believe. I have heard many methods, probably both legal and illegal. I have heard of a way of registering a vehicle before it is worked on. I would like to look more into that.


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2 minutes ago, mike6024 said:

You should consider just forgetting about them; let them be hauled off for scrap.

Well I do not plan on doing anything illegal. I was just stating what I had been suggested. I will see this through to the end but if the end result is letting them go then I will be sad to know there was nothing I could do to save them.

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You need to check the Alabama DMV site for items required for registration and inspection requirements  appears to have changed substantially since it was used as the primary source of cleansing titles....

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